Buying a Car – How to Find the Right One

Do people need a set of instructions when it comes to buying a car? For many, maybe it is not necessary since the salespeople at showrooms can explain it to the buyer about the features and other things about the cars they are selling. However, many people still buy the wrong car even with the salespeople informing them already. Various factors affect your decision in buying a car, and the last thing you want to happen is letting your friend or other people decide for you.

Assessment of your needs

You do love to buy your dream car, but before you fantasize about a car that you want to own, it is best to start with thinking what you need. Your needs will not only the ones for today, but also for the future as well. Functionality must be the top priority over being flashy. Here are some considerations you should keep in mind:

  • l The number of passengers that should be carried
  • l The driving that you do – is it off-road, surface streets, the highway?
  • l Are you going to be driving on snow and ice?
  • l Is fuel economy really important to you? This is a question that usually coincides if you are commuting.
  • l Do you want an all-wheel drive?
  • l Cargo capacity – how much do you need?
  • l The safety features that are important for your car to have
  • l Are you going to do any towing?
  • l Are you going to use the car seats for children?
  • l How much parking or garage space you have right now?

Plan a Budget

Unless you already have a bundle of cash ready to purchase your car, you might be thinking about financing the purchase of your car or to lease it instead. Make sure that you are honest about how much you can afford when it comes to paying your car every month. The general rule for this one is that the monthly payment must not exceed 20 percent of the monthly payment you take with you.

You can find great tools online that will help you demystify the pricing and even aid you in figuring out the kind of car that you can afford. When you are searching for a car online, try to find for special offers so that you can get an upfront and guaranteed price on a particular car.

Decide whether you prefer to buy or to lease

Both have its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Not one is better than the other. It will entirely depend on how you feel about each of them. It will aid you to get to a decision on whether you buy or lease the car.


  • l No trade-in annoyances right at the end of your lease
  • l You get to drive a brand new car that has the latest technologies in every couple of years
  • l You get to drive more expensive cars for less the money


  • l You get to modify the car’s features that will fit your tastes
  • l You get more flexibility in selling the car anytime you want
  • l When you drive a lot, you don’t suffer mileage penalties
  • l Your expenses with the brand new car will get lower

Assess other cars in the same class

Have you already set your heart on a specific car? A lot of buyers do. However, you will find new cars always hitting the showroom, and you might find a car that you haven’t considered that might be the right one for you. There is no harm in reviewing other new cars so that you can compare its features and you might find a better deal than the one you have set your heart on.

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