Is there a Filipino film about a Plumber?

Recently, Halikon Films produced a movie titled the Plumber about a man who struggles to make a living with his job. Yes, it is never easy to become a man who fixes drains for a living. He fixes plumbing problems at an apartment but the people there refuse to pay him. They always tell him that they will pay him next week but they never do.

It is a common practice of Filipinos to say things they never do though. It is like getting rid of a problem in a split second. The plumber finds out he can’t really do anything about the apartment’s tenants not paying him on time. His son is in a hospital though and he can’t get him out unless he pays for the hospital bills. No matter how painful that sounds for him, it is basically the reality in hospitals.

Yes, no matter what happens, you must always take care of your body. You must eat the right food and exercise regularly. When it is the rainy season, you must stay away from areas that may cause you to have H fever. Those are the types of sicknesses that can cause you to have sleepless nights in the hospital. You never know if you are going to survive it or not. It depends on what the mosquito was infected with. Those are one of those times when you need to contact a plumber (loodgieter Rotterdam).

When you have leaky pipes in your house, the mosquitoes will get attracted to the molds. Thus, better keep those things out unless you want to feel sorry for yourself. In situations like these, it would be better to be safe than sorry. It may be too late when you are in the hospital and nobody would come and visit you. Since the Plumber come from the same production team that produced another award-winning movie, you can expect it also tackles the harsh reality of life. There are some harsh realities that you would hate to tackle but you have no other choice anyway. You just have to deal with it then move on from there.

When you watch the trailer of the Plumber on YouTube, there is no doubt you are going to feel sorry for this man. He ends up getting desperate because he can only trust his skills to make a living. He ends up deliberately damaging the plumbing system so they would have no choice but to call him. It would be interesting to see what happens from there as the trailer did a great job to entice the interest of the viewing public.

Since it is an indie movie, you can expect to not pay much from it. They also did not spend much for it but the makeup artist did a great job in making the actor look like a real plumber. The location did not seem to be too far from the studio. It looks to be a simple apartment that is not really used much. Since it is an indie film, it won’t take too much of your time. That does not mean the production team has a short story, they don’t have that much of a budget to go over two hours. It looks to be a nice movie as it will be interesting to see what happens to the Plumber.

Unfortunately, the film may have an effect on people who would want to become a plumber in the future. They may end up changing their minds because they would not want to get stuck under pipes for the rest of their lives. Yes, it is difficult to get down and dirty just to earn a living. However, somebody has got to do it and this is a good way to earn a living. Besides, you won’t be stuck at an office doing paperwork all day. Back to the movie, the plumber shows how simple it is to fix a clogged pipe.

You can learn a few things from this movie which is always great. Of course, you can only expect great things from young minds. These are great examples of movies coming from young filmmakers looking to make it big in the industry so they will give it their all.

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